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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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lights after a deadly stabbing near a busy intersection in san francisco. now police are searching the city to track down a killer. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the intersection market and octavia is now a crime scene as investigators try to figure out what led up to the deadly confrontation inside the lobby of a san francisco apartment building. that is where bob redell joins us live with an update. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you. we spoke with pd, they have someone in the back of a squad car but the officer would not confirm if it was a suspect or a witness or someone else not related to this. but we understand that they are still looking for a suspect who stabbed a man to death in the apartment building on market, this is between octavia and valencia, his body still in the lobby. looks like the medical examiner about to remove. the suspect could still be in the building if he or she is getting away it would be
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difficult given the large police presence around this building. we counted at least a dozen police vehicles and the medical examiner. this happened around 3:20 this morning. the man was found dead in the lobby. police have not determined or at least not saying what led up to this person's murder. bob redell, "today in the bay." after weeks ever disagreement legal hearings and heartache the family of the girl that was declared brain dead following complications from a tonsillectomy has taken her from children's hospital oakland. christie smith is live at oakland. where did the family of jahi mcmath take her? >> reporter: you know, they are not revealing that but i can tell you that jahi mcmath was quietly removed from oakland's children's hospital 8:00 last night. the family not saying exactly where they were taking her because they say that they received physical threats of violence, even death threats over this. she was moved more than three
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weeks after she was first declared brain dead. but the family did release video of the ambulance taking jahi from children's hospital. we're told that her mom went along in the ambulance. jahi was attached to a ventilator fwhout feeding tube. and the coroner released her body to the mom as per a court order. this case has sparked debate. jahi declared brain dead three days after procedures designed to help her breathe. the family rejected that saying that they believe she was alive and could possibly recover. they went to court to force children's hospital to keep her on a ventilator. now that she's moved this is critical for her recovery. >> what this family wanted was a chance, and i think that what's real important to understand is what this legal action was really about was about this girl
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jahi but about every parent in the united states who should have the right to make that choice. >> reporter: after she was moved the hospital released a statement saying in part, our hearts go out to the family as they grieve for this sad situation and we wish them closure and peace. jahi's uncle said that the move was paid for with online donations that top $49,000. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. >> the family has not revealed the name of the facility where jahi mcmath is moved to. there is speculation she will be taken in at a facility in long island. visit our website search jahi. >> we're watching the weather this morning as a severe polar vortex provide as dangerous chill from montana to alabama.
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temperatures are dipping into the negative teens, 20s, 30s, many states s under strict ord. >> the severe weather having a major impact on flights throughout the country. flight aware is updating its so called misery map showing the most delays and cancellations. 509 delays and 187 cancellations reported nationwide. the airport with the most problems, o'hare in chicago, jfk, new york city, and newark, new jersey. and the weather is having a ripple effect. >> let's check in with peggy bunker. how are the flight boards looking right now? >> reporter: misery map is the way to look at it. you're coming up in a minute but speaking specifically about the board, departures and arrivals, some of the numbers might be fewer than you might expect. let's get to a couple that we heard from san francisco, the
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official source here at the airport. they say 32 cancellations total, about 19 of those are specifically to chicago, that's midway and o'hare. boston also jfk and newark. also some airports in washington, d.c. are also having those delays. because of this, it's all due to the polar vortex, frigid dense air. it's making it too cold for some to fly due to icing. as you mentioned so many planes were canceled over the weekend. specifically a problem for ellen. she had a jetblue flight. they lost a flight attendant. she had a 3:00 p.m. flight, was not able to get on that. listen to what she had to say. >> and the hours ticked and ticked. are you canceling us, let us try
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to rebook. no, we're not canceling your flight. >> reporter: well, you know, that was tough for her because here is the reality. they kept saying it was going to take off. what happened to ellen and her daughter, ended up sleeping on a chair here. she's not 18 good mood. she is supposed to be at work obviously not going to happen. she rebought two tickets to get back ta ft. lauderdale so a lot of misery here at san francisco international airport. we're going to talk to a couple other folks and see how people are doing but 32 flights in total canceled. that's arrivals and departures. for "today in the bay" at the airport, i'm peggy bunker. >> that's an expensive price tag. >> $2,000. wow. >> this morning snow falling in michigan which is seeing its harshest winter twin years. temperatures expected to take a dive as low as negative 15 degrees. public schools shut down through
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most of the state. >> in chicago classes are canceled. the city deals with the birth cold, nothing doing in chicago, lake michigan, temperatures expected to dip to minus 15. the wind chill, minus 30, maybe minus 50. >> parts of indiana more severe. forcing the city to make it illegal for anyone to drive except for emergencies. last time it was during a 1978 blizzard. so cold. >> pictures like that remind us in fact it is winter. >> i don't need that. >> its winter. here we're going to stay in glorious temperatures. >> that's the weather that tests you. we're going to be pretty well off. we have a cool down if you want to -- remember your seven-day forecast here at the bottom of
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your screen. let's talk about highs. we told you about some of the wind chills in the midwest. look at the deep south. new orleans, very unusual to see a high of 38 degrees, so you are looking at the coldest readings in 20 years here on this map. these are the highs for the day. tomorrow a little wilder and we'll start stew that you out. there was the bitter cold. we have this high pressure in control here so we have changes headed our way. that ridge is going to break down. 48 in san francisco, at 40 in the east bay. 34 in the north day. tonight think you'll drop into the 20s. the next couple days your morning lows and afternoon highs are going to end up much cooler. as we head throughout day, 63 in san francisco, 67 in the east
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bay, 66 degrees in the south bay today. so unseasonably mild. that will persist for today, and then lock at the major tool be tend. we're down to the low 60s, upper 50s for wednesday, then we bring in the slight chance for rain. let's see what mike's looking at on this back to work, back to school, >> returning back to the volume of traffic. it's not as bad as we see tomorrow but we're seeing a lot of slower spots. this is north 101, turn on 680. i was matching both of these. we'll show you on the maps. north 101 i showed you the volume of traffic and we see a slow down. typical pattern. north 680, same area. reports of a crash. there was question whether it
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was on its whels. that is. another krosh north of here around fair oaks, a little slowing. might involve a motorcycle. sounds like the driver trying to get to the center divide. we'll watch for slowing. we'll track this, the rest of your bay area moving. there you go, before you leave the house. the tri-valley starting to show the volume build. pleasanton for south 680 moves throws to the limit. no major issues there. for the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been turned on. we're going to end with this
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backup. welcome back to your commute. back to you. >> welcome to the new year. all right. new calm. 6:10. still ahead on taxpayer. a hidden camera records a landing. how it was disguised and where the secret recording device was stashed. >> the first ga gets announcement. >> and role reversal. why they should have swapped jerseys. >> a live look at indianapolis this morning. they are forcing people, it's illegal to drive there except for emergencies. under the circumstances because of the freezing temperatures. the last time that kind of travel warning happened was during a 1978 blizzard. at least the sun is shining. >> you're an optimist.
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>> i am. a lot more ahead.
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today's top stories. san francisco police are searching for the suspect in a deadly stabbing. the victim's body was found in the lobby of an apartment complex at market street this morning. police have the area blocked uf and say the suspect could still be inside. >> the 13-year-old teenager declared brain dead no longer at children's hospital oakland. jahi mcmath was transferred to another facility. her family won't say where but there is speculation she is headed to a facility in long island. >> today the senate could vote on extending benefits for the long term unemployed. more than a million lost their benefits last month after the program was removed as part of
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the budget compromise between the senate and the house. the extension would only last three months. >> a man was killed and his groom injured. the fire started in the hall of the 20th floor. crews got to the scene but it took them time to get to the upper floors of the 42-story building. firefighters found a 27-year-old and 32-year-old in the stairwell suffering from smoke inhalation. mcclung was pronounced dead at the hospital. neighbors said the couple had recently married. >> investigators say that suspicious device found on a plane that took off from sfo was a camera. the plane made an emergency landing in kansas city. the 227 passengers and crew were evacuated and searched. ness vers thought the device was a flash drive but findings indicate it's a camera.
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they say it was found taped to part of the bathroom. someone taped a camera. >> 6:16. consumer electronics show this week. >> about every company but apple making some announcement. >> good morning. apple doesn't participate directly in the show because it can make its own show. the rest of tech has to depend on the attention from ces, the largest convention in the world, marissa meyer, a keynote speaker. technically ces starts tomorrow but already we're seeing product announcements. saratoga will make its own televisions they say. it's a partnership with high sense. but they probably made the tv you're watching right now. it's a small box that brings streaming internet to your tv.
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you can hook it up so there is no real reason for it to be integrated into a tv, it's just the direction the world is going. also today, janet yellen will be we expect approved as the next head of the federal reserve. the senate is scheduled to take a vote on the question late afternoon our time. yellen is a former professor at cal berkeley's school of business. though she is a golden bear many consider her to be a dove as well. she believes easy money policies to get the economy going are the right direct. maybe more so than ben bernanke. both she and money supply are way too complex to put simple labels on them f. you had to, we'll call her a dove. >> a lovely name. isn't it. >> gentle. >> talking about the weather, she is a hawk when it comes to rain. >> indeed i am. i'm watching the forecasts like a hawk.
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i have to because it's a tricky one this week. good morning to you, terry and laura. 34 degrees in the north bay, san francisco kicking off the day at 48 degrees, so not too cold there. right into your microclimate forecast. for this monday remember you can catch your seven-day at the bottom of the screen. we're not going to make you wait. temperatures in the south bay, a bit of a mix of sun and clouds. 69 degrees morgan hill, a warm day shaping up there. along the peninsula and san francisco, you're going to see mostly cloudy conditions but temperatures reach the mid-60s. nice day shaping up for the north bay, upper 60s, santa rosa 67 degrees. 64 for fremont, the east bay and the tri-valley, plenty of clouds especially the second half of the day. comfortable temperatures. we've got a storm system coming our way. it's going to break apart before it arrives but let's take you through the changes as we head through the next 72 hours. mild temperatures, clouds increase.
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the first disturbance starts to come. through we've got a couple of energy behind it. pretty good rain chances, by tuesday you notice the cooling trend, a mix of sun and clouds, wednesday night into thursday we get the best chance for the rain. let me show you on futurecast what i'm talking about. you can see the jet stream take as dip to the south. we're going to have soupy conditions about all week long. stop the clock, 10:00 a.m. on tuesday, and you can see showers just to our north. a lot of that cloud cover starts to move in, then through wednesday night into thursday looks like we're going to get a little shower activity. the best chance is up in the north bay, it's not a great chance but we'll take anything we can get. and behind this, another system is starting to develop. we're watching for this one. we'll let you know how that impacts your forecast. right now let's check your drive. good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. we had a disturbance on our commute. sounds like 6:00 came and everybody got on the roadway. or started to. so we see slowing north 101
6:20 am
around 680. the other issue north 101 as you approach fair oaks, slowing, there was a motorcycle crash. the driver did make it out of the roadway. property damage only a little debris in the right lane through the area. that's reason for the slowdown. no injuries but slowing north toward 237 through sunnyville and mountain view. looking here to the tri-valley, a smooth flow. west 580 starting to show the build. 680 showing the slowdown into sunol. typical pattern, no surprise for the tri-valley. we haven't seen this for a couple of weeks so it's back. no big urgency as far as the traffic or incidents through the area. we look at your bay bridge approach, your maze moves, we have slowing down the east shore freeway, that has kicked in toward berkeley. live look outside shows what you it's like for the east shore freeway around the bend. you slow down as you hit the straight away approaching the
6:21 am
bay bridge. we're starting to see lanes off to the left start to show that lightening. the bulk of traffic off the berkeley curve, typical pattern. oakland, north 880, the commute direction past the coliseum. not much past high street. we'll see this kick in over the next half hour. south, heading to the san mateo bridge, smooth, a little slowing through hayward as is a typical pattern. a live look toward the peninsula side. north 101 shows that build past willow avenue into san mateo. you are close to the speed limit. north and south. and 280 not a problem though daly city did show slowing. we'll send it back to you. >> time now 6:21. still ahead on "today in the bay," moving on in the quest for six. >> really good. we'll tell you what's next for the niners as they move within
6:22 am
two games of the super bowl. >> that was great. quarterback swap, why these two nfl stars should have switched jerseys a long time ago.
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♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ welcome back everybody. 6:24 on this monday morning. you are looking at san francisco international airport, terminal 2, where the weather is fine but the bad weather back east causing all kinds of problems.
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dozens of flights canceled. >> that's right. and really we have a look at the misery map is what we're calling this morning. o'hare, jvg, with the most cancellations that you can see all of them back east. having a tough go of it. it's now affecting the bay area flights. >> niners don't care. >> they are warmer now. >> they are fine. waking up warmer back in the bay area. they escaped the frozen tundra with a win. >> a lot of eyes there. watching that game. the team arrived at san jose international overnight. the weather didn't seem to bother colin kaepernick. he played the entire game sleeveless. down by 4 in the fourth, kaepernick connected with vernon davis for the 28-yard touchdown. packers would tie it up at 20. then eventually with seconds left 49ers brought in their kicker. >> it is good! san francisco moves on as they
6:26 am
win here in lambeau field. dawson with a 33-yarder. >> that was nice. that was phil dawson hitting the game-winning field goal. 49ers win, green bay -- in green bay, 23-20. >> 9ers in carolina on sunday to play against the panthers. kickoff time, our time, 10:05 a.m. >> it's going to be early. the players braving the cold. fans had to layer and layer up as well. some more than others. doctors urged fans to wear at least three layers. what's that guy doing. >> he forgot. >> they said don't count on alcohol to keep you warm. >> the crews at lambeau put an extra effort to keep the beer from freezing. beer towers were outfitted with heaters. it's a delicate balance. you want it cold but not too cold. the stadium had free kof and hot chocolate. >> you've got to be a dedicated fan. look at these pictures from way back in the day. on the left, a young aaron
6:27 am
rodgers with 49ers gear. of course he grew up in chico. he was a 49ers fan. he was little. >> where did he go to college? >> cal. look at young colin kaepernick, great there on the right. cute. he's sporting a brett favre jersey. he admits he idolized the green bay icon growing up. he was a packers fan. >> time now 6:27. still ahead an update to breaki news a man found stabbed to death in a san francisco apartment building. and the suspect may still be inside. we're live with the search. >> and what's behind these crop circles that cropped up. we have the answer in minutes. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic.
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but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough and presto, tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! a deadly stabbing in the lobby of a san francisco apartment building and the suspect may be inside. we're live with the latee. >> and jahi mcmath's on the move. we'll tell you about the facility that may be a new home
6:30 am
for the 13-year-old patient. >> a live look at the opening bell ringing now on wall street. the new york stock exchange, the bell ringing there, moments later as they do every day, it's going to be ringing at nasdaq. was that nasdaq? i guess it was. you can't tell one bell without the supers on the screen. >> right there. >> i tell you, today is monday, january 6, and this is "today in the bay." >> of that we are sure. good monday morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update on the breaking news that we've been following now san francisco police have the streets near market and octavia shut down as they investigate a deadly stabbing. police say a man was found stabbed to death inside the lobby of the valmar apartment complex about 3:30 this morning. the suspect could still be in
6:31 am
the building. our bob redell is there getting an update. he'll have a live report. >> 13-year-old tonsillectomy patient jahi mcmath is on the way to a new medical facility. she is expected to be settled by 8:00 this morning. this is cell phone video from the family of the ambulance as it left the hospital last night. jahi's uncle said it was paid for with online donations a total of $47,000. >> we're very grateful, very proud, we want to thank everyone that supported us, everyone that is in our corner, that prayed for us, everyone that helped donate to make this possible. without you guys none of this would be possible. >> jahi mcmath has been taken from children's hospital and brought to a place where they will use her name instead of calling her a body, and where she can get to the starting line instead of where children's has
6:32 am
left her for the past four weeks almost at the finish line. >> children's hospital is speaking out on the transfer saying quote our hearts go out to the family as they grieve for the sad situation and we wish them closure and peace. >> jahi mcmath's family has not publicly revealed the name of the facility that will take her in but there is growing speculation she will be taken to new beginnings community center in long island where catherine craig joins us with new details about the center. >> reporter: days ago the family of jahi mcmath named this care facility called new beginnings as one of the places where the teenager could go. this care center is described as an outpatient rehabilitation center, the founder told nbc she had been in touch with jahi mcmath's family and new beginnings wants to care for the child. it's in the town of medford on long island about 60 miles or so east of new york city. an uncle of jahi says the family
6:33 am
doesn't want to disclose where the girl is going until she is resettled, also for safety reasons the founder of new beginnings says the care facility is all about life and it's what workers believe in from the founder to one of the vice presidents. they speak first-hand experience of having to deal with an immediate family member who suffered a traumatic brain injury. that's the latest from medford on long island for "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> coming up at 6:50, a live report from children's hospital oakland with new details about the transfer and when jahi will be settled. that's coming up in about 20 minutes. for complete coverage visit and search jahi. >> let's take a look at the forecast. lots of folks going back to work. christmas vacation is over. >> sad about that. >> we're excited about the forecast. >> i think some kids are happy to be going back to school. today, two weeks is a long time
6:34 am
away from your friends. 48 in san francisco, whatever the case may be, it's going to be nice today. 34 degrees in the north bay, 40 in the south bay. headed toward a comfortable afternoon but i do want to take you through the hour by hour changes. starting with your future cast. we're mostly clear, as we head throughout day you can see by about 11:00 clouds streaming on shore, those will thicken up more so as we head through about 6:00 tonight. so we're counting on a mostly cloudy finish to the day. temperatures on the left are going to reach the mid-60s. if you want your temperatures during my reports, they are right here at the bottom of the screen. we've got your seven-day forecast and that reveals the cooling trend that starts tomorrow. better air quality, though, you can see that from some of our live cameras, we're getting the reds and the oranges in the sunrise. really happy to report we're not sparing the air. we're going to see a lot of improvement in our air quality as we head throughout the week. mild temps, clouds increase, as we head through tomorrow that will continue, then we bring in the showers wednesday and
6:35 am
thursday. i'm going to time that out in my next report. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye, the commute certainly back this morning. >> yes. the commute is back, schools are back in session, people are back from vacation and so we have this. this actually is a lot better than it was about 20 minutes ago when the lanes to the left, the cash lanes, were jammed up. we're seeing only the typical pattern we often see about 7:00 where it's the middle lanes, the fast track lanes and the lanes to the right as far as the cash lanes go. the ones off of the berkeley curve. there you go, a smooth flow of traffic. you have the slowing from the top of the screen, richmond down into the upper 50s, bogging down into the 40s through berkeley, then the berkeley curve things jam up approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze moves smoothly, highway 24 not a major issue. your typical pause there or a dip in speeds. antioch a smooth flow from hill crest to love ridge. then no big issues past
6:36 am
pittsburg to concord. a smoother flow there. we have your backup that we did expect for the tri-valley. through livermore, dublin, 680 south and to is a no shows a good volume. now a good amount of slowing. speed in the upper 40s as you travel past stone ridge as well through the area. a smooth drive across the san mateo bridge will end with this look across the bay. 92 with the taillights away from us, the flat section of the high rise a. smooth flow, good company and the peninsula itself, no major delays. back to you. >> nice company out there. right. we finally know who is behind the crop circles that popped up. >> it was not aliens. nvidia, a computer chip maker, is claiming credit. you go yeah, i can see that. the company says it plowed through the farm to get publicity for its new chip and with the help of nbc bay area and "today in the bay" it's working. some spotted 1, 9, and 2 and
6:37 am
that represents the company's mobile chip which will be introduced at the consumer electronics show. >> nice to look at. >> nicely done. >> 6:37. still ahead, new video of a building collapse and fire in connecticut. we're going to tell you why firefighters say it was hard to find a working hydrant near the scene. >> plus, is the third rescue going to be the charm for dozens of people stuck in the ice? >> a live look outside. look at that. sun coming up. almost a halloween feel. >> orange and black like the giant who is go to spring training next month. >> you got to love bay area sports teams. they are on fire. keep it up. a lot more news ahead. ♪ ho ho ho
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new video this morning of a building collapse in connecticut. the flames shot from the windows and roof of the apartment building earlier this morning, just before it collapsed. at least four people were rushed to the hospital. it was unclear how badly they were hurt. firefighters say there had been a water main break in the area before the fire and many of the hydrants were not working. the cause is under investigation. >> 6:40. rescuers in india found two more bodies under a huge pile of concrete, the remnants of a building that collapsed two days
6:41 am
ago. that brings the death toll to at least 17. most of whom were working on the building when it collapsed. police say they still do not know how many workers were on site when the five-story structure collapsed saturday but they think at least 12 others are still trapped. the builder and contractor are suspected of fleeing. >> speaking of trapped two trapped ships in the antarctic may be able to break through today. an expert on ice says the wind may change direction and that may help chinese and russian ships move through it. the russian ship became trapped on christmas eve, the chinese ship got stuck on thursday after rescuing the crew on the russian ship. the u.s. coast guard dispatched the polar star to help out. it left australia this weekend expected to arrive in about a week. >> coming up, an update to breaking news, a man stabbed to death in the lobby of a bay area apartment building. we're live at the scene. >> the senate is expected to
6:42 am
vote on janet yellen today. a possible snap chat boycott. we'll look in business. >> and get ready, it's going to feel like winter around here. good monday morning to you. thank you for waking up with us. i can't wait to tell you about our changing forecast and the potential for showers, actually looking better at this point. we deal tail everything in a few moments. ♪
6:43 am
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an update to breaking news. police are talking to witnesses now following a deadly stabbing in san francisco at market and octavia now a crime scene. investigators try to figure out what led up to the deadly confrontation inside the lobby of a san francisco apartment
6:45 am
building. it happened about 3:00, we have bob redell on the scene. we'll be getting to him live shortly. you see someone arrested there or at least involved, put in the back of the squad car. >> i think they were questioning a couple of suspects that they had. >> police are not saying whether they were connected with that crime scene or if possibly the person who did the stabbing is still inside. as you can see there are a -- bob saying about 12 squad cars and a lot of cops around that building. we'll get to bob in a few minutes. >> we want to check the weather, taking a live look outside downtown san je. look at the roads picking up. so many headed back to work, holidays are over, back to work to pay for. send the kids to school. >> hey, good morning. it's cold, send them off to school with a jacket. 40s and 30s on the map to start your 38 degrees in livermore, 36 in concord, 40 degrees right here in san jose.
6:46 am
and 48 to kick off the day in san francisco. a lot of people came to enjoy new year's, it was beautiful, temperatures unseasonably warm. everything changes this week. you see from this live picture we have a clear sky. san jose, take a look at this. is this not spectacular. happy to report even with all of the reds and oranges, it is still not a spare the air day. so that's great news. we're looking toward a lot of improvement in air quality. as we head throughout the week, as we head throughout the next couple days you should be able to have that fire. we'll let you know if anything changes. i'm happy to tell you three areas of low pressure are going to impact as series of storms. we're going to be at the tail end of so it we're not going to see a lot of precipitation but enough to help our air quality and bring our temperatures back toward winter-like levels. 60s today. tomorrow we shave off a few degrees. then you'll notice the clouds
6:47 am
increasing, kind of looking at soupy conditions this week. overcast skies. thursday at midnight we start to get our best chance for rain showers. we're not expecting a lot. north bay has the best opportunity. some of these are disagreeing now. if they start to change their minds and everything i'm looking at leads me to believe more precipitation, i'll let you know. right now i don't think we'll get more than .1 inch. temperatures will drop. you want to check that out it's here, the seven-day forecast. let's check your drive. say good morning to mike inouye. noticing a lot more clouds on our live cam this is morning. >> we're going to notice a lot more. we've seen that chp plotter fill up. a lot of minor fender-benders. overall we see your tri-valley and east shore freeway, east bay slow down. we'll call those out. the south bay shows slowing. north 101, slow from tully up past the scene of an earlier crash. debris in the road, calling out
6:48 am
85 and 87, showing the build. we haven't seen it this early for the last couple weeks so this is the build again as schools are back in session. north 101 slowing to about lawrence expressway where there may be a second set of debris from an earlier crash. that's causing some remain slowingdowns. the earlier motorcycle crash is out of the road. that driver is okay. smooth for 237 to 101 where bay shore freeway moves nicely along the peninsula. 280 no problems into or out of san francisco. dumbarton bridge and the san mateo bridge nothing unexpected but on the east bay we have slowing on the south bound 880. off of the castro valley y, it's south 880 and then through hayward, union city a crash caused slowing, sounds like most of the activity is out of lanes. that's adding to the slowdown south to the dumbarton bridge in toward union city out of hayward. the tri-valley has the build as you come out of the altamont pass. slow through livermore and 680
6:49 am
continues, so on the dublin side down to 680 through sunol and south 84. 84 to livermore shows a typical build around everybody waiting there we have a commute back in this area as well. a live look at oakland, northbound with surprisingly few taillights past high street. then approaching the bay bridge toll plaza a slowdown. but the big deal off the berkeley curve where traffic backs up heading to the straight away and the metering lights, we have traffic meters, then smooth in to san francisco. the maze moves except for the lanes to the right. typical pattern there. and the north bay, good slowdowns. earlier a stall has cleared right around north san pedro road. and that's rippling back, also all of this company out of novato so prepare for that toward the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> thank you. an update, police are talking to witnesses following a deadly stabbing inside a san francisco
6:50 am
apartment building. the intersection of market and octavia now a crime scene where bob redell joins us. what are investigators telling you? >> they are telling us more. good morning. still trying to figure out whether the suspect is still in the apartment building here on market where someone was stabbed to death early this morning. they have at least one witness who is trying to help them catch this person responsible for the first hom sifd the new year here in the city. in the past hour investigators have been conducting what is known as a cold show, you can see what i'm talking about about in this new video just in. that witness i mentioned is sitting in the back of the squad while potential suspects step in front of the bright headlights so the witness can get a look. pd did this. we're not clear why they are showing him a niners jersey. there also is a possibility, that is that whoever stabbed this man escaped.
6:51 am
they just don't know. so that's why they are doing the cold show to cover their bases. someone found this man around 3:20 in the lobby with at least one stab wound. paramedics pronounced him dead on the scene. police have yet to identify him except to say he lives in the city. they don't have a motive, whether it was a fight or something else. you might notice the huge police presence. there is about a dozen squad cars, pd tells us they needed this many to secure the scene. the entrance to the building because this is a very large building. looks like it's four stories tall. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. happening today, two suspected gang members charged in the murder of an 8-year-old girl will be in court. prosecutors say 22-year-old darnell williams of oakland wept to the wrapt alisha was having a slumber party, rang the doorbell and opened fire. the 8-year-old was killed and three hurt including a 7-year-old, a 4-year-old and a
6:52 am
63-year-old. investigators say williams along with joseph carroll planned the attack as retaliation for the killing of their friend. williams could face the death penalty if convicted. >> one of the san jose state students accused of taking part in hate crimes is expected to be arraigned today. logan was one of four students who took part in barricading a black roommate in his bedroom and clamping a u-shaped bike lock around his neck. he reportedly told investigators it was part of a satire and he thought it would be funny saying it was part of a prank war. san jose state hired a retired judge to lead a special task force to make recommendations. >> the girl who had been on a ventilator has been moved from children's hospital oakland, the move comes after weeks of back and forth between the girl's family and the hospital. christie smith is live in oakland this morning. has the family swred they took jahi? >> reporter: good morning to
6:53 am
you. so far no, they haven't. but jahi mcmath was moved about 8:00 last night and the family attorney says they are not saying exactly where she's being taken because they received threats about this, but the attorney did say that she would be situated by about 8:00 this morning and the family did release video to the media last night of the private ambulance leaving the hospital, children's hospital nearly a month after she was declared brain dead following complications from a tonsillectomy and other procedures. the attorney says that she would have a breathing tube and feeding tube by this morning. in this case has sparked medical and ethical debate nationwide as the family went to court seeking to keep her on a ventilator as they rejected the idea she had died. >> we're very grateful, very proud, we want to thank everyone that supported us, everyone that is in our corner, everyone that
6:54 am
prayed for us, everyone that helped donate to help make this possible. without you none of this would be possible. >> reporter: court documents show one facility they looked at was an outpatient brain injury center in medford, north. new beginnings community center. the uncle says the move is paid for with online donations totaling $49,000 and those are going up even this morning. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. we have complete coverage of jahi mcmath on our website, just search jahi. >> the senate is expected to vote today on the nomination of janet yellen to be the next fed chair. >> the first woman to hold that position. >> the senate expected to take the vote this afternoon, california time, we expect the nomination to be approved. dr. yellen formerly a professor at cal berkeley school of
6:55 am
business, the vice chair at the federal reserve. turning to the markets they were open but so few investors were active i think we can call this the true start to 2014. slightly lower this morning though twitter's getting crushed on the downgrade. we get the jobs number on friday. "the wall street journal" calling for a boycott of snap chat. snap chat lost millions of personal records in a hack attack thanks to the vulnerabilities the company had been warned about. the columnist suggests a temporary boycott would show snap chat people won't tolerate people being casual with data. people say they are worried about privacy but rarely get upset and he's saying you know, show the company you're upset. >> interesting to see. >> i doubt very much. >> younger generation. >> they are used to it, i think. >> this morning we're watching the weather as a severe what they call a polar vortex create
6:56 am
as dangerous chill. stretching from montana all the way to alabama, and i mentioned earlier look likes one big ice cube in the middle of the united states. temperatures in the negative teens, 20s and 30s in many states under strict emergency orders. >> it is affecting you as well. we have coverage. peggy bunker with a look at how it's affecting flights in the bay area. >> start with sarah live in chicago with more on these freezing temperatures. >> poor sarah. >> reporter: thanks, terry and laura. it's freezing here. this wind chill makes everything worse. these are some of the coldest temperatures people here have woken up to in decades, not since the 1980s have we seen them this low. there is a flip side to it. a beautiful winter scene out here. i want to show you lake michigan with the sun rising. a breath taking view especially if you watch from the comfort of the studio or your living room. we've got ice on the surface
6:57 am
with some boats frozen into place. a beautiful scene as i said if you are watching from inside. that's exactly where chicago officials would like you to view it from. they are concerned that the temperatures are not only dangerous, they could be deadly especially with the risk of hypothermia and frostbite setting in in a few minutes on exposed skin with the brutal wind. here is what they are doing to help protect people. they cancelled the public schools, they don't want kids walking several blocks to get to class. they are sending homeless outreach patrols out to check on citizens, see if they need shelter, encouraging neighbors to help one another especially those in the elderly category and encouraging people to stay off the roads. to take public transportation if they have to be out on the streets, stock up their car with essentials in case they slide off and help can't get to them for a while. in the meantime, we are not going to see temperatures warm up for several days, so the best
6:58 am
advice right now is to layer up, to bundle up and try not to let skin be exposed to this weather. back to you. >> feel so sorry for you. >> she's doing it. >> go get warm. let's check in with pecky bunker at sfo with a look at how the storm is impacting flights here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm feeling lucky being inside. if you have a flight today this is all you care b. look at the departures, despite everything we're hearing look at this, only one delayed flight i can see, the 7:05 american heading to new york, everything else is looking like it's on time. arrivals a few delays here, some flights getting in a little bit early but don't let the numbers fool you. we're talking to officials here, they say there are 32 cancellations nationwide. 19 specific tike the polar vortex, part of our new vernacular. we met one traveler, she had a
6:59 am
miserable night. ellen has been through it. take a listen. >> the hours ticked and ticked and people said are you canceling us? let us try to rebook. no, we are not canceling your flight. >> reporter: that is exactly what they did. look at where ellen and her daughter slept last night here at san francisco international airport. when they woke up this morning grouchy and unhappy she laid down the credit card, got two tickets back to ft. lauderdale this morning. she is supposed to be at work. at san francisco international airport, i'm peggy bunker, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much. tough go for them. >> you have a feeling what that would feel like and why you would feel grumpy and thend 2,000 more to get home. >> back to fla. that's the case. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local update.
7:00 am
good morning. subzero and falling. tens of millions in the grips of dangerous cold. the lowest temperatures in decades. 7 below in indianapolis. 8 below in chicago. minus 10 in green bay. and those bone-chilling temperatures are heading east. released, the body of a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead placed in their family's care overnight. dropping out, dick cheney's daughter liz is withdrawing from the senate race in wyoming citing health concerns in her family. we'll have the latest. and rare access, what does it take to be the president's pilot, a behind the scenes look


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